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You can apply for AIM via several routes of postgraduate training:

Foundation Training

2 years
(FY 1 + FY 2)

Route 1 - Internal Medicine Training (IMT)

3 years
(IMT1, IMT2 + IMT3)

Route 2 - Acute Care Common Stem Training (ACCS)

3 years
(CT 1, 2 + 3)

Membership for Royal College of Physicians required for entry to ST3+

Higher Speciality Training - AIM + GIM

4 years (5 years if via CMT or ACCS training)
ST4 - ST7

Speciality Certificate Examination required for CCT

(To be attempted by ST5)

Certification of Completion of Training (CCT)

You can apply for AIM via several routes of postgraduate training:

Internal Medicine Training (IMT) - 3 years
Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) - 3 years

As with other medical specialties, requirements for entry to higher training in AIM include completion of the MRCP.


To achieve your CCT as an AMU consultant you must complete the Speciality Certificate Examination (SCE) during your Higher Specialty Training.

Once specialist training is completed, trainees can apply for a consultant post.

As a part of your AIM registrar training you:

Rotate usually in 4-6 month blocks on Cardiology, Respiratory, Geriatrics, ITU, AMU.

You are allocated weekly sessions to develop a specialist skill.

Have on-call commitments (same amount as any other medical registrar)

You can pick a specialist skill to develop:

Procedural skills - Ultrasound / Bronchoscopy
Additional Qualification - Medical Education, Leadership
Specialty Interest - Stroke Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine

Specialist AIM Skills Examples >>

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Since about 10 years ago doctors have been able to train as a registrar in acute medicine, gain a Certificate for Completion of Training (CCT) and become consultants in AIM.

Sadly many people, including junior doctors still do not know what AIM is and how diverse and rewarding a career it can be. You are not always oncall!The takeAIM campaign is a Health Education England funded, trainee led initiative aim to help promote Acute Internal Medicine. It is supported by the Society for Acute Medicine.

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AIM physicians provide initial assessment, investigation, diagnosis and management of patients who have an acute medical illness within the first 72 hours of their hospital stay.
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