Acute Medicine Awareness Week

AMAW 2020 has now passed - let's look forward to 2021!

This years acute medicine awareness week was a huge successand proved that even that in the most difficult of times – the acute medicinefamily will continue to support each other! #solidarity in distance

 With 14 acute medical units across the country willingly participating in our organised gift exchange (See picture to the right) this demonstrated how thankful we are of each other’s units and how important it is during these times to spread positivity and stay connected!

 In addition we received a number of incredible videos as partof our video competition to demonstrate the work that is being done in acutemedical units across the country. Unfortunately, there could only be one winnerand after careful selection the Royal Berkshire Hospital AMU received thishonour.

You can view the winning video here:

As well as re-watching all the other wonderful videos shared via the take_AIM twitter: @take_AIM

We can’t wait to celebrate #AMAW21

We hope it will be a much less virtual affair!


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AIM physicians provide initial assessment, investigation, diagnosis and management of patients who have an acute medical illness within the first 72 hours of their hospital stay.
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