Previous takeAIM Conferences

Our past national takeAIM conferences

Previous Speakers

Speakers from our previous conferences:

  • Dr Nick Scriven

  • Dr Immo Weichert

  • Dr Paarul Prinja

  • Dr Chris Adcock

  • Dr Alastair GIlmore

  • Dr Cosmas Anazodo

  • Dr Peter Ng

  • Dr Nick Smallwood

  • Dr Adrian Kennedy

  • Dr Nigel Lane
  • Dr Sian Coggle
  • Dr Anika Wijewardane
  • Dr Nadia Raza
  • Dr Shoneen Abbas
  • Dr Kate Wilmer
  • Dr Magnus Garrioch
  • Dr Geraint Fuller
  • Dr Matthew Oldfield
  • Dr Chris Roseveare
  • Dr Sean Cross
  • Dr Rhid Dowdle
  • Dr Edward Walton
  • Dr Amanda Barclay
  • Dr Stephen Gulliford
  • Dr Clare Lynch
  • Dr Georgina Mayer
  • Dr James Shawcross
  • Dr Allen Wilson
  • Dr Sue Crossland
  • Dr Nicola Cooper
  • Dr Phillip Dyer

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AIM physicians provide initial assessment, investigation, diagnosis and management of patients who have an acute medical illness within the first 72 hours of their hospital stay.
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