takeAIM Fellow Recruitment 2022

Timeline for Recruitment - takeAIM Fellowship 2022

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The current team of fellows are looking for enthusiastic AIM trainees (ST3+) to join takeAIM.

takeAIM is a successful trainee-led initiative established in 2015. The original cohort of takeAIM fellows developed a strong brand to boost the profile of acute internal medicine amongst doctors-in-training through the organisation of a number of national conferences as well as local takeAIM sessions. The development of a takeAIM website alongside a social media platforms have provided a great platform to advertise the events.

The takeAIM fellows all share the dedication and enthusiasm of their predecessors in raising the awareness of AIM by engaging with junior doctors and medical students. As well as continuing with the organisation of national conferences and local takeAIM sessions, the fellows are developing a network of takeAIM champions to form a nationwide community to promote acute internal medicine within their local area, as well as attending careers fairs for medical students and junior doctors.

Every 6 months, we will be recruiting at least one additional fellow who is passionate about our speciality. Prospective candidates must be able to work both within a team and independently. We are looking for trainees with innovative ideas to take this project forward. Candidates must have the confidence to actively promote the speciality, speak in public and engage with junior doctors in a variety of ways.

takeAIM is strongly supported by the Society for Acute Medicine who fully value the contribution that it can continue to make in encouraging juniors to the speciality.

Appointed fellows will have an additional session a week to work on takeAIM with the expectation that it will contribute towards fulfilling specific components of the AIM curriculum such as leadership and management. It is worth noting that a proportion of the work will need to be done out of hours simply due to its nature (for example Zoom calls).

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To be confirmed - watch this space!

Roles and Responsibilities

·Organising National Conference

·Organising Regional Sessions

·Presence at Careers fairs

·Maintaining and developing website

·Managing budget

·Creating further multimedia

·Managing SoMe (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

·Engaging with Acute Medicine trainees in various regions to continue to increase speciality awareness.

·Continue to further enhance the brand

·Collecting Metrics to monitor effectiveness/impact

Desirable Characteristics of Prospective Candidates

· Passionate

· Driven

· Organised

· Able to use Microsoft Office, Skype etc

· Good time management

· Ability to work in a team, delegate and lead individual projects when required

· Innovative

· Confident

· Comfortable with public speaking

Application process

Application window is not yet open

Closing date:

To be confirmed

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the posts.

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