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The History of AIM

The History

Acute Medicine is the speciality which provides assessment and treatment for adult patients with medical conditions when they are first admitted to hospital.

The idea was conceived in 1999 – but has grown rapidly over the past decade.There are now over 450 consultants specialising in Acute Medicine across the UK and over 225 hospitals have an Acute Medical Unit (AMU).

The Society for Acute Medicine (SAM) is committed to supporting AMUs in providing high quality care for patients.

Society for Acute Medicine (SAM)

SAM has many members including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other key members of the acute medical team.

Acute Medicine has embedded itself across the country, and is vital to the smooth running of each hospital.

Why I love Acute Internal Medicine

Sanjay Krishnamoorthy ST6 AIM & GIM North West London

"I was a career Cardiologist for most of my foundation and Core Medical Training. The epiphany came when I finished a busy shift on take in my hospital. 

I went back home with a feeling of immense satisfaction of being challenged, and rising up to meet it successfully.

My natural inclination was to take up leadership positions amongst trainees and design and deliver teaching programs. This was closely aligned with the career pathway of Acute Medicine. I submitted my application, and have not regretted a day since then!

As a trainee, you will find that within AMUs, hierarchies are largely horizontal. You are encouraged at all times to express yourself as a clinician and to question decisions. If you think you may want to takeAIM, don’t be put off by what the “ologists” say about the specialty, speak to an acute medic and see if it is the thing for you.

There are many opportunities within the specialty to branch out and do something that really interests you."

Development of AIM as a specialty

The career prospects for AIM are almost unrivalled. The 2015 census conducted by the RCP London shows Acute Medicine having the largest increase in consultant posts, with a dramatic 33% expansion.Over the last 12 years we have seen significant changes in the way acute care is delivered and in the team that delivers it. The presence of Acute Physicians in hospitals with unscheduled care has been shown to reduce mortality risk and the length of stay while in hospital, without increasing readmission rates.

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AIM physicians provide initial assessment, investigation, diagnosis and management of patients who have an acute medical illness within the first 72 hours of their hospital stay.
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