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Acute Medicine has embedded itself across the country, and is vital to the smooth running of each hospital.


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Who are the fellows?

Cosmas Anazodo

ST6 in AIM

"Acute Medicine presents you with choices to develop a special interest or subspecialty during your five year training and in my own situation, I chose Stroke Medicine as both specialties offer acute challenges at the front door and I can be flexible with the role."

ST4 in AIM

"My specialist skills along with AIM is ultrasounding with FAMUS, which I am getting of a lot of opportunity to do with ultrasound machines now being readily available in most acute medical units and A+E."

Damian Dooey

Naina Mohan

ST3 in AIM

"It’s definitely a specialty in which you are encouraged to work hard and play hard."

ST7 in Acute medicine and Intensive care in the Northwest Deanery.

I consider myself lucky to be able to train in both AIM & ICM as it allows me to experience a spectrum of illness from the stable but chronically ill to the extremely unstable acutely ill patient. I like to be kept on my toes yet have some less intense time at work and this combination does it for me.

Ola Abbass

Elizabeth Dodds

Hello, I am a ST6 Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) Registrar training in West Yorkshire.

I love the flexibility that AIM offers. I am training less than full time after having a baby and the sessional work of AIM lends itself well to this. The work-life balance this offers me ensures that I can spend precious time watching my daughter grow up whilst also enjoying my time at work as a senior decision maker, managing the acute take.

I am an ST7 AIM trainee in North West, more specifically Mersey Deanery.

My hobby is to sign up for running events. I am currently training for my fifth half marathon. Watch this space for hopefully a PB!

Ratna Aumeer

Anika Wijewardane

I am an ST 6 in Acute Internal Medicine training in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

You always feel supported in AMU as your team is usually within a short distance from you! There are plenty of opportunities for bedside teaching – especially in ambulatory care units, a part of AIM I really enjoy.

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AIM physicians provide initial assessment, investigation, diagnosis and management of patients who have an acute medical illness within the first 72 hours of their hospital stay.
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