About us

TakeAIM is a national campaign led by Acute Medicine registrars in training, to promote and encourage recruitment to Acure Internal Medicine across the UK. It is funded by Heath Education England and supported by the Society of Acute Medicine.

Who are we?

TakeAIM fellows are Acute Internal Medicine Registrars located across the UK. Each year we welcome new trainees to come on board as takeAIM fellows. We are an ethusiastic and hardworking team involved in a number of events and initiatives each year, including national & international conferences, outreach programmes in the community, social media campaigns and our annual Acute Medicine Awareness Week.

We are located across the UK to help reach all areas, including those covered less often by national recruitment campiagns. Feel free to reach out and meet us for a chat about acute medicine.


Interested in being the next takeAIM fellow – get in touch!

**Applications are currently open for the next intake of TakeAIM fellows**

Please send a CV and a personal statement <200 words to us (takeaim@acutemedicine.org,uk) if you are interested in spreading the word about satisying careers in Acute Medicine! Entries close 22.3.2024

The TakeAIM group

Have any questions?

People contact us for a variety of reasons, but mainly to find out more about our events, our jobs and training options. We love to share our passion for AIM so don’t hesitate to get in touch.